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Cultural Tour to Ethiopia, Danakil Depression Tour, Ethiopia Hiking,  Ethiopia Omo Valley, Ethiopian Meskel and more Ethiopia Tour Packages

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Ethiopia Bale Mountain Trekking 4 Days

Ethiopia Bale Mountain Trekking for 4 Days Bale mountain Trekking Duration :  03 nights / 04 days Itinerary DAY 1:TREK DINSHO TO SODOTA. You will have a bale mountain trekking for 5-6 hours to sodota through the finch Habera waterfall and where the Web and wolla rivers join. This area is an outstanding bird watching spot,particularly for raptors and chance to see the rare and endangered Ethiopian Wolf.Set up for overnight in Sodota campsite. Elevation:3100-3500M Distance :20km(5-6hrs). Overnight:Sodota camp(3500m asl). DAY 2:SODOTA TO WASEMA CAMP. Today you will make your way through meraro va
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Ethiopia Bale Mountain Trekking 9 Days

Ethiopia Bale Mountain National Park Trekking 9 Days Ethiopia Bale Mountain Duration : 08 nights/09 days Itinerary. Day1: Dinsho To Sodota(5-6hours). Today’s walk will reward you with chance of seeing bird species that are endemic to Ethiopia,Habera waterfall most of the walk will be through web valley where you can see endemic Ethiopian wolf. O/N Sodota campsite(3500m asl). Day 2: Sodota to Keyrensa (7 _ 8 hours). Today you will be trekking to Keyrensa enjoying a magnificient of keyrensa valley and lanscape. You will also chance to see more wolves and different birds.O/N Keyrensa campsi
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Ethiopia Bale Mountain Trekking 6 Days

Ethiopia Bale Mountains National Park Trekking 6 Days   Ethiopia Bale Mountains Trek Duration: 05 Nights/ 06 Days Itinerary Day 1: Trek from Dinsho – Sodota ( 3500 m asl). This day most of the trip was roughly flat and camping at beauty of web valley; chance to see rare and endangered Ethiopia Wolf (5-6hrs walk) Day 2: Sodota -Keyrensa ( 3700 m asl). Today proceed to keyrensa Chance to see More Ethiopia Wolf and prey birds. It takes 6-7hrs. Day 3: Keyrensa – wasama( 3900m asl) At this day walking in Erica moorland zone Chance to see klip springer and francolins. It takes 5-6hrs. Da
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Ethiopia Timket Festival Tour

Attend Celebration of Ethiopia Timket Festival Tour Duration: 12 Nights/ 13 Days Ethiopia Timket Festival Tour: This tour gives you a privilege to witness one of the most colorful and ancient festivals celebrated in Ethiopia, Timket Festival. Commemorating the baptism of Jesus Christ, this is an extremely colorful three-day festival celebrated on the Ethiopian Calendar and you will attend this festival around the rock-hewn churches of St. Lalibela where it is celebrated in a unique way. Alternative festival tour to Attend is meskel celebration in Ethiopia.  Itinerary Day 01:  Arrival in  Addis
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Ethiopia Meskel Festival Tour

Ethiopia Meskel Festival Tour  – Finding of the True Cross  Duration of Ethiopia Meskel Festival Tour : 12 Nights/ 13 Days Introduction Meskel is one of the most colorful festivals celebrated in Ethiopia for more than 1600 years. Meskel always have been celebrated in a beautiful weather at the end of the rain season, with a lot of dancing, feasting and lighting a massive bonfire to commemorate the discovery of the true cross on which Jesus Christ has been crucified. This festival tour provides a traveler with a practical image of the 3000 years historical mysteries and living historical
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4 Days Danakil Depression Ethiopia | Dallol Ethiopia Tour

Ethiopia Danakil Depression Tour Visit one of  the Hottest Place on Earth and the Erta’Ale Active Volcano INTRODUCTION Danakil Depression Tour: Dallol volcano is located in the Danakil Depression in North East of Ethiopia offers an opportunity to see the first signs of a new ocean basin forming. South of Dallol, the crust is cut into rectangular salt slabs and transported up into the highlands a near endless procession of camel caravans. The salt canyons south of Dallol Mountain are some of the most impressive geological features in the area. It looks like another planet because there ar
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Ethiopia Combination Tour 15 Days

Ethiopia Grand Historic and Cultural Ethiopia Combination Tours Ethiopia Combination Tours Duration: 14 Nights/ 15 Days Transportation: Flight and Surface Day to day program Day 01. ADDIS ABABA CITY TOUR:  Beginning of the tour in Addis Ababa. Morning we have a free time. Afternoon (14:00 hrs from the hotel) tour of the capital: visit Entoto Mountains with views over the capital, the National museum, St George cathedral church. O/N (overnight) chosen hotel. Day 02. ADDIS ABABA-BAHIR DAR: Fly to Bahir dar. Morning admire the Blue Nile falls. Lunch back to Bahir dar. Afternoon boat on Lake Tana
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Ethiopia combination Tour 21 Days

Grand Ethiopian Combination Tour – 21 Days Ethiopian Combination Tour to Historic and Cultural Route  Duration: 20 Nights/21 Days Transportation: Surface and Flight ITINERARY Day 1: Arrive ADDIS ABABA. Meet and get assisted for a transfer to the hotel where you will stay your night. If your arrival is day time you will visit Addis Ababa National Museum. O/n in hotel. Day 2:  DRIVE ADDIS TO ARBA MINCH : Drive to Arba Minch, crossing the Rift Valley lakes and Wolayta people. O/N in Hotel Day 3. ARBA MINCH: Morning drive to Chencha for Dorze people. PM boat trip on Chamo Lake. O/N Arba Minc
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Ethiopia Combination Tour 30 Days

All in One Ethiopia Combination Tours – 30 Days Northern & Eastern Historic Route ,  AND Southern Cultural Ethiopia Combination Tour Ethiopia Combination Tour Duration: 29 Nights/ 30 Days Transportation: Surface and domestic flight  Ethiopia Combination Tour – Itinerary DAY 1 –ARRIVAL IN ADDIS ABEBA Arrival to Addis Abeba – Transfer to your Hotel – City tour. DAY 2 – DRIVE TO  DEBRE MARKOS START THE GRAND ETHIOPIA COMBINATION TOUR Drive to Debre Markos through the beautiful scenery of the Jemma and Blue Nile River Valleys – On the way visit of the Debre Libanos monastery – Hote
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Omo Valley Ethiopia Tour | Omo Valley Ethiopia Tribes |Ethiopia Cultural Tour 6 Days

 Cultural Tours of Ethiopia 6 Days – Omo Valley Tours Ethiopian Cultural Tours Duration: 5 Nights/6 Days Transportation: Surface On our short cultural tour to the tribes of the omo valley, you will meet and visit the Mursi and Hammer peoples and their villages. Itinerary: DAY 1) Addis Ababa to Arba Minch to start Ethiopian cultural tours  Early morning we will ride south ward for our trip to Arba Minch. Check in. Our first destination is the nearby Nech Sar National Park, and wildlife is the main attraction, thus we have another early breakfast in order to be in the park for the best mor
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Omo Valley Ethiopia Tour | Ethiopia Cultural Tours 8 Days

Cultural Tours of Ethiopia 8 Days – Omo Valley Tours Ethiopia Cultural Tour Duration: 07 Nights / 08 DAYS – Transportation: Surface Accommodation: Tourist Standard  Hotels/ Lodges On our cultural off road tour packages, you will visit omo valley Ethiopia tribes living in southern Ethiopia along the omo river valley. Itinerary: Day 1- Morning drive Addis Ababa  to Awassa to start Ethiopia cultural tour Depart south from Addis Ababa via Butajira.  On the way you will visit the archeological sites of Tiya (ancient stelae field and UNESCO World Heritage Site), Adadi Maryam (a rock-hewn churc
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Ethiopian Cultural Tour 11 Days

Cultural Tours of Ethiopia 11 Days – Omo Valley Tours Ethiopian Cultural Tour Duration: 10  Nights / 11 DAYS Transportation: Surface Accommodation: Tourist Standard Hotels/ Lodges Itinerary Day 1: Arrive in Addis Ababa meet and greet, get assisted for a transfer. Hotel Day 2: City tour of Addis Ababa that includes; National Museum famous for housing the humanoid fossil Lucy, Trinity cathedral, ethnographic Museum, Entoto Mountain and Mercato, the largest and most vibrant market in Africa. ⇒ At the end of today’s activities you will be briefed about the cultural tour of Omo Valley. Hotel
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Addis Ababa City Tours and Short Excursions

Addis Ababa City Tours, Excursion & Day Trips EXCURSIONS AND  ADDIS ABABA CITY TOURS. If you happen to be in Addis by some chance and have some leisure time, there are many interesting places to be seen in Addis and in the surrounding. Addis Ababa City tours – 1 day or half a day National Museum, one of the most important sub- Saharan museums in all of Africa. The museum is home to the fossilized humanoid Lucy, as well as an amazing collection of artifacts, royal items and art. Ethnographic Museum, which was the former palace of Haile Selassie and its collection, reflects the life st
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Ethiopia Lalibela Ethiopia Historic Tour 8 Days

Ethiopia Historic Tour to Northern Ethiopia Historical Sites  Ethiopia Historic Tour Duration: 07 Nights / 08 Days Transportation: Surface / Flight Accommodation: Tourist Standard Hotels/ Lodges Itinerary: Day 1: Arrival at Addis Ababa  Meet and greet you by our representative at the airport and transfer you to the hotel. Hotel Day 2: Addis Ababa City Tour  you will have an early breakfast and your first visit in Addis Ababa will be the National Museum (prehistoric, cultural, archaeological attractions), Ethnographic, Mercato, (the largest open market in Africa). Hotel Day 3: Fly to Bahir dar
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Ethiopia Historic Tour 5 Days

SHORT ETHIOPIA HISTORIC TOURS BY FLIGHT   Ethiopia Historic Tours Duration:  04 Nights / 05 Days Transportation: Surface / Flight Accommodation: Tourist Standard Hotels/ Lodges Itinerary: Day 1 – Morning Fly Addis Ababa to Bahir dar to start Ethiopia Historic Tours After you checked in the hotel, you will drive some 30 km to the Blue Nile Falls. The drive, for the most part, is on the well-paved gravel road.  The width of the Falls varies with the season and the needs of the nearby Tis Abay hydro-electric scheme, but the drop is over 45m (148 ft) and very dramatic if you hike to the base for a
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Ethiopia Historic Tour 10 Days

Ethiopia Historical Tour to the Hidden Wonders Ethiopia Historical Tour Duration: 09 Nights/ 10 days Transportation: on surface and flight Accommodation: Tourist Standard Hotels/ Resorts Itinerary: Day 01: Arrive in Addis Ababa Meet and greet get assisted transfer to Hotel, drive less than 10km to the the hotel, the activity is very simple. Hotel. Day 02:  City tour of Addis Ababa and briefing about the tour then Hotel, Sight for visit is centrally located, only In the Mercato ,the activity is simple. Hotel. Day 03: Fly to Bahir dar  Visit the Blue Nile Falls and Monasteries on the island of L
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Ethiopia Historic Tour 12 Days

Ethiopian Historic Route Tour Package – 12 Days Ethiopian Historic Route Tour Duration: 11 Nights / 12 DAYS Transportation: Surface / Flight Accommodation: Tourist Standard Hotels/ Resort / Lodge Itinerary: Day 1: Arrival Addis Ababa.  Meet and greet, get assisted for transfer. Spend the remaining day on leisure in preparation for 2 weeks Ethiopian Historic Route journey. Hotel Day 2: City Tour in Addis Ababa. The day is dedicated for sightseeing of Addis Ababa that includes; the National Museum, famous for hosting the Humanoid fossil “LUCY”, Ethnographic Museums, Trinity cathedral and M
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Ethiopia Simien Mountain Trekking 9 Days

Ethiopia Trekking Tour to Simien Mountain National Park INTRODUCTION The Simien Mountains are a vast mountain range in Ethiopia with many summits above 4,000 meters (13,000 feet). The highest peak is Ras Dashen which stands at 4,543 meters (14,901 feet), making it the fourth highest mountain in Africa. Trekking here is fantastic, not only because of the scenery, gorges and streams, but also because you get a chance to see some unique, endemic wildlife like the gelada baboon and Walia Ibex. The best time to trek is from September to November, when it’s dry, green and relatively dust free.
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