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Bale and Simien Mountains Ethiopia Trekking Tour

Ethiopia Trekking Tour

On our trekking tours in Ethiopia, you will visit simien mountains national park and the bale mountains.


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King Dawit Tours Ethiopia
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Ethiopia Simien Mountain Trekking Tour
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Ethiopia Bale Mountain Trekking 4 Days

Ethiopia Bale Mountain Trekking for 4 Days Bale mountain Trekking Duration :  03 nights / 04 days Itinerary DAY 1:TREK DINSHO TO SODOTA. You will have a bale mountain trekking for 5-6 hours to sodota through the finch Habera waterfall and where the Web and wolla rivers join. This area is an outstanding bird watching spot,particularly for raptors and chance to see the rare and endangered Ethiopian Wolf.Set up for overnight in Sodota campsite. Elevation:3100-3500M Distance :20km(5-6hrs). Overnight:Sodota camp(3500m asl). DAY 2:SODOTA TO WASEMA CAMP. Today you will make your way through meraro va
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Ethiopia Bale Mountain Trekking 9 Days

Ethiopia Bale Mountain National Park Trekking 9 Days Ethiopia Bale Mountain Duration : 08 nights/09 days Itinerary. Day1: Dinsho To Sodota(5-6hours). Today’s walk will reward you with chance of seeing bird species that are endemic to Ethiopia,Habera waterfall most of the walk will be through web valley where you can see endemic Ethiopian wolf. O/N Sodota campsite(3500m asl). Day 2: Sodota to Keyrensa (7 _ 8 hours). Today you will be trekking to Keyrensa enjoying a magnificient of keyrensa valley and lanscape. You will also chance to see more wolves and different birds.O/N Keyrensa campsi
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Ethiopia Bale Mountain Trekking 6 Days

Ethiopia Bale Mountains National Park Trekking 6 Days   Ethiopia Bale Mountains Trek Duration: 05 Nights/ 06 Days Itinerary Day 1: Trek from Dinsho – Sodota ( 3500 m asl). This day most of the trip was roughly flat and camping at beauty of web valley; chance to see rare and endangered Ethiopia Wolf (5-6hrs walk) Day 2: Sodota -Keyrensa ( 3700 m asl). Today proceed to keyrensa Chance to see More Ethiopia Wolf and prey birds. It takes 6-7hrs. Day 3: Keyrensa – wasama( 3900m asl) At this day walking in Erica moorland zone Chance to see klip springer and francolins. It takes 5-6hrs. Da
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Ethiopia Simien Mountain Trekking 9 Days

Ethiopia Trekking Tour to Simien Mountain National Park INTRODUCTION The Simien Mountains are a vast mountain range in Ethiopia with many summits above 4,000 meters (13,000 feet). The highest peak is Ras Dashen which stands at 4,543 meters (14,901 feet), making it the fourth highest mountain in Africa. Trekking here is fantastic, not only because of the scenery, gorges and streams, but also because you get a chance to see some unique, endemic wildlife like the gelada baboon and Walia Ibex. The best time to trek is from September to November, when it’s dry, green and relatively dust free.
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